Why are employers impressed when candidates put effort in their job application? By Matthew Coppola

Employers really appreciate it when job seekers put effort into their job application because it shows initiative, attention to detail and commitment on the job seeker’s part in trying to make an impression and show that they want the job and want to prove it.

To put effort effort in your application means that you personalised your cover letter, your resume is informative and detailed, and your writing is grammatically correct and easy to read.

Effort means time in customising your application and personalising it to the job that you are applying for.

Matthew Coppola, Consultant 


What if I don’t know who to address the cover letter to? By Matthew Coppola

Occasionally a job advertisement will not mention a contact person. It may just ask for you to submit your resume and cover letter for consideration.

So, what can you do in this instance?

One option is to call the company advertising for the role and ask who is the best person to attention your application letter to. Doing so, can show enthusiasm and a keen interest in the position, along with helping you to get noticed by the employer.

The other option is to just put: ‘To Whom It May Concern:’.

Matthew Coppola, Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions

How to stay motivated and positive despite set backs in securing work, by Matthew Coppola

It can sure get tough finding a job. We want the right job, but often is the case we settle for anything just to be employed.

I don’t see anything wrong with that. It can certainly look good on a resume as opposed to a lengthy unemployed history, and it also helps to keep us focused until the right job comes along.

We often say to ourselves – ‘stay positive’ or ‘don’t worry, something will come up’ – however the bills that need to be paid are at the back of our mind in how important it is to have a job.

But often is the case when we lose focus on our job search efforts, the result is:

  • Incomplete and inaccurate job applications.
  • Cover letters that are not properly tailored.
  • Messy applications and we rush the job search process.

Loss of focus can have a serious impact on the success of our job search efforts.

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Client Centric: The specialists in writing resumes and cover letters for clients looking for work in Geelong, Victoria.

Geelong is indeed a beautiful town southwest of Victoria, well known for its Art Deco boardwalk, colourful sculptures and a rich history.

There are many and varied jobs available in Geelong, from a wide range of industries and sectors to work in.

Finding a job in Geelong can at times be challenging. However, the team at Client Centric are available to assist clients put their best foot forward with a professionally written resume and cover letter designed to market and promote their skills and experience.

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Client Centric: The Professional Key Selection Criteria Writers.

The team at Client Centric have considerable experience in addressing key selection criteria.

They know how to write tailored responses that capture the readers attention, relate to the position and align the individual’s experience with the job description.

From administration to government, to education and healthcare – they have assisted clients at all levels put their best foot forward.

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Client Centric provide a personalised and tailored service for all their clients. They are responsive, professional and very helpful.

Australia’s specialist in etiquette training: Auersmont School of Etiquette


I recently chatted with Elizabeth Soos, consultant and principal of Auersmont School of Etiquette. 

Auersmont is a boutique etiquette consultancy firm that provides professional advice and expert knowledge in the world of etiquette, social conventions and good manners.

Prestigious British etiquette educators, Emma Dupont in London and Paris and Shanghai-based etiquette and service consultant, Guillaume Rue de Bernadac at Academie de Bernadac, trained Elizabeth.

Her training, coupled with a European background and extensive knowledge in cross-cultural issues, has enabled her to build Auersmont School of Etiquette to what it is today.

Elizabeth believes that it is crucial to start with etiquette in the formative years of a child’s life, setting them in good stead for the future in their adult years.

The courses that Elizabeth provides at Auersmont School of Etiquette have been tailored to match etiquette to the needs of all ages, from children to teens and adults.

She has even devised specific training for business professionals and those newly entering the workforce. One of her speciality subjects is Interviewing Etiquette.  At any age, applying for work and attending an interview can seem daunting,  so this course that she offers will guide you through the interview process to be prepared and equipped.

Visit their website today at https://auersmont.com.au.


Matthew Coppola, Client Centric

About marketing services offered by Client Centric

Client Centric offer a range of marketing services for companies.

These include:

The range of marketing services offered by Client Centric are aimed about helping businesses of all sizes to present and highlight their services and/or products in an attractive, presentable and engaging format, both in print and digital forms.

Who would benefit from the various marketing services on offer?

Marketing professionals and sales people may benefit from having some great materials and resources that they can use to bring to business meetings with potential or existing clientele. The materials can also be used by management staff when holding conferences.

Do they use templates?

No. Although they have their own style of design, they create every piece of marketing marketing material from the ground up.

How do I make contact with Client Centric?

Visit their website at: www.clientcentric.com.au

One of their friendly team will be happy to attend to your requirements and provide you with an appropriate quote.