How To Make The Most Out Of Employing Generation Y By Matthew Coppola

KEY BENEFITS IN EMPLOYING GEN Y”They are tech-smart “” Being the first generation to have grown up with computers, Gen Y are early adopters of new technology.They are fast learners when it comes to new tech gadgets, and can even teach you how to use things like content management systems and social media.

“Inexpensive and cost-effective – Generation Y are less motivated by money than previous generations. work/life balance and flexibility is the most motivating factor for Gen Y, than monetary payment.

“Team players – Generation X have been termed “The Me Generation,” Generation Y are “The We Generation” for their strong belief in community and peer-to-peer relationships.

“High tolerance and acceptance of others – Gen Y have been labelled “The Trophy Generation” as they tend to have a mentality that everyone can do well and no one should be left out.

“Self-expressive “” Twitter, Myspace and Facebook have taught Gen Y to express themselves. In the workplace this means that employees are more open and have the ability to effectively brainstorm ideas and express their opinions in a uniformed manner.

“Aware of the difficulties in the job market for new graduates “” Their experience of recession both in 2000 and the recent financial crisis has made Gen Y more aware of competition in the job market. They are aware that there would be hundreds of applicants who would be more than happy to take their position, so if you employ a graduate, most likely if the job conditions are good, they”ll likely want to stay and will work harder to keep their job.


“Think outside the box and take advantage of the diverse range of talent Gen Y have.

“Manage the individual not the group. Ask them how they are and how their job can work better for them and their life

“Provide a positive workplace culture that encourages creative behaviour and career development.

But make sure that your words meet your actions. If you promise career progression and do not deliver, they are less likely to believe you and stay very long.
“Give immediate feedback: consistently provide feedback and short performance-review cycles supported by coaching or mentoring

“Communicate by asking them questions in the interview process to find out what they are looking for out of the job

“Make sure Gen Y employees know what they are up for in the interview and how they can advance in the business

“Show how they are making a positive contribution to the overall operations of the business

“Get them involved in management meetings

“Allow them to be creative in their job

“Provide training and opportunities for continual development

“Offer opportunities to do work experience in a higher level role

“Set a mentor or coach for a Gen Y employee

“Allow them to apply what they are learning at TAFE/University relevant to the workplace


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