Getting Angry at Work Just Isn’t Worth It!

oo many people are angry at work. Workplace violence is an extreme example. Even short of violence, every day you see managers and co-workers who are mad at each other, their co-workers, their employees, their bosses, their customers, the company, and the world itself. Anger interferes with teamwork and productivity. It also creates an environmentContinue reading “Getting Angry at Work Just Isn’t Worth It!”

Why Your Goals Should Be S.M.A.R.T

Establishing clear goals in writing is the responsibility of managers and their superiors, and of managers and their staff. This should occur at least annually, and should be aligned with the company’s corporate mission and strategic plan. The way we word our goals is the biggest factor in helping us achieve them. And some smartContinue reading “Why Your Goals Should Be S.M.A.R.T”

How to Write a Resume Concisely and Clearly

Article by Matthew Coppola, Client Centric  Looking for a new job? Wanting to move on to a new role? Client Centric can help by professionally writing for you a new and tailored CV and cover letter designed to help market and promote you to prospective employers. They also provide interview coaching and assist with addressingContinue reading “How to Write a Resume Concisely and Clearly”

Is It Good to Include a Summary for Each Employer you Worked for?

In every resume there is a part of it set aside for employment history, this includes employer name, their email address, your job title, duration worked and job responsibilities and key achievements if applicable. However it doesn’t stop there. In the resumes I write for clients, I include a summary which I put before theContinue reading “Is It Good to Include a Summary for Each Employer you Worked for?”

Why do we need a resume?

For the most of us, unless we own a business or work in the entertainment/arts industry, need a resume. According to Wikipedia, a resume can be defined as  a document used by persons to present their backgrounds and skills, with the intention of gaining employment with a prospective employer. So someone might start a business, now toContinue reading “Why do we need a resume?”

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Why it isn’t worth arguing at work

One thing I have learnt in my career is that arguing with someone, especially when you know all too well that your right, just does not work. I’m not referring only to your colleagues, but also to senior level management, key stakeholders and your clients. There may be a number of instances when your atContinue reading “Why it isn’t worth arguing at work”