Who comes first: the client or their concerned parents?

The reason why I have decided to write on this topic is because as career counsellors and employment consultants, we face the dilemma when working with our younger clients keeping their interests in check and that of their parents who have been given consent to be part of the assessment and job searching process. Being client centred means that the client is the focal point, the person who we are servicing and case managing. Client centred or otherwise known as “person-centred”  is the idea of being client-centred in our approach to assessment.

This comes from the work of Carl Rogers, a very influential person in the psychology field throughout the mid 20th century.  The general approach back then were driven models of psychology and therapy, where the cousellor or therapist would intervene with  theory-laden questions, interpretations, diagnoses and prognoses, which is essentially setting a direction for the client. Carl proposed a client-centred approach, where  a way of working where the counsellor is non-directive, working only with what the client brings to the relationship between counsellor and client. Ultimately it is the client who decides what direction in their career development they wish to take and the counsellor/employment consultant’s role is to facilitate that.

So to answer the question who comes first, the client or their concerned parents? Well ultimately the client comes first but the consultant is only their to facilitate the counselling process and if the client wishes to have their parents input, then really this cannot be avoided as it is in the client’s wishes.


Author: Matthew Coppola, Managing Director of Client Centric.

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