Question and Answer on Email Etiquette

Article by Matthew Coppola, Client Centric  Looking for a new job? Wanting to move on to a new role? Client Centric can help by professionally writing for you a new and tailored CV and cover letter designed to help market and promote you to prospective employers. They also provide interview coaching and assist with addressingContinue reading “Question and Answer on Email Etiquette”

Controlling yourself from peer pressure by work colleagues – how you can cope!

What is Peer pressure? Peer pressure is when group of peers start exerting influence to persuade us to change our attitudes, values, or behaviour so that we meet their desired group norms. Unfortunately peer-pressure doesn’t stop at school. It follows us right through to the workplace. Various instances of peer pressure can occur at work.Continue reading “Controlling yourself from peer pressure by work colleagues – how you can cope!”

The top 3 ways to find a new job

Finding a new job isn’t easy especially in tough economic times. Generally during quiet times over the economic cycle, there are usually more people looking for work then there are available jobs. For every job advertised there most likely will be over a hundred people applying. Keeping this in mind, when looking for work youContinue reading “The top 3 ways to find a new job”

An Experienced Resume Writer You Can Trust!

Recently I was asked by a client for their own peace of mind, about my experience and skills in resume writing and employment services. And rightly so! Before anyone hands over money for a resume writing service or any other service for that matter, they have the right to know who is doing the job for themContinue reading “An Experienced Resume Writer You Can Trust!”

Why every job you apply for should have a personalized cover letter

Every job you apply for whether it be online, in the paper, internally with the company you work for or by networking, needs a personalized cover letter specific to that company and the objectives of the role. Too many times people apply for numerous jobs with the same resume and the same cover letter andContinue reading “Why every job you apply for should have a personalized cover letter”