What are some typical selection criteria type questions/statements? By Matthew Coppola

At Client Centric we provide a service where we write out the responses to the key selection criteria.
At Client Centric we provide a service where we write out the responses to the key selection criteria.

Article by Matthew Coppola, Client Centric 

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Uncovering the meaning behind certain selection criteria statements and questions can be tricky. You may wonder what they mean by ‘explain’ ‘demonstrate’ or ‘proven experience in’ and added to that the actual criterion may be lengthy or short and have complicated, non-layman words that really don’t make a lot of sense at all. However we will attempt to try and explain some meanings behind trypical questions and what your response would be like.

 Current knowledge of legislative obligations for Equal Opportunity, Disability Services and Occupational Safety and Health, and how these impact on employment and service delivery.

In this question you are being asked to address that you meet the requirement of having up to date or ‘current’ knowledge (or understanding, familiarity, proficiency, experience) of the present legislative obligrations and then it goes on to list what they are. Now you may have had to keep abreast of these legislation back in 1998 but this is not what they want, they want someone who has kept abreast at present of these legislation and what they mean.

 Demonstrated ability to plan deliver, facilitate and evaluate learning opportunities and in service programs using a variety of sources.

 In this question you are being asked to address how and where in your past employment history have you demonstrated, that is, shown or proven that you delivered, facilitated and evaluated…and so on. They want to see specific instances (maybe 2 or 3) where you demonstrated these and who they employer was and your job title ofcourse.


Author: Matthew Coppola, Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions


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