Responding to the interview question: “How well do you handle stress?” By Matthew Coppola

How well do you handle stress?

Stress in the workplace is unavoidable.

By definition, it’s that emotional strain and pressure that comes with demanding circumstances. We may feel pressured at times, but being stressed at work is the next level, and it’s not nice to go through.

The interviewer is just trying to ascertain what your coping mechanisms are when it comes to stress at work and how well you handle it. The employer may know that the job at times is very stressful, and so they want to make sure that you have coping mechanisms in place to get through stressful periods at work.

My suggestion is first to start talking about stress in the workplace, how it is unavoidable, why stress can occur in the workplace, why it’s not good to let stress get the better of us and what our resolve should be.

Now this introductory comment doesn’t need to be long-winded and extensive. Keep it brief and to the point.

After you have made your introductory comment, then talk about the techniques and strategies that you implement to cope with and manage stress as best you can.

But my biggest suggestion is not to come across that you are immune to stress. Sure, some of us cope better than others. But the person interviewing you may feel that stress is tough to manage, and in asking you the question, they may, subconsciously, appreciate the way you deal with stress and something they can think about.

And also too, if you come across that stress is non-existent to you, they may not believe you, even if there is some degree of truth to that.

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