Australia’s specialist in etiquette training: Auersmont School of Etiquette


I recently chatted with Elizabeth Soos, consultant and principal of Auersmont School of Etiquette. 

Auersmont is a boutique etiquette consultancy firm that provides professional advice and expert knowledge in the world of etiquette, social conventions and good manners.

Prestigious British etiquette educators, Emma Dupont in London and Paris and Shanghai-based etiquette and service consultant, Guillaume Rue de Bernadac at Academie de Bernadac, trained Elizabeth.

Her training, coupled with a European background and extensive knowledge in cross-cultural issues, has enabled her to build Auersmont School of Etiquette to what it is today.

Elizabeth believes that it is crucial to start with etiquette in the formative years of a child’s life, setting them in good stead for the future in their adult years.

The courses that Elizabeth provides at Auersmont School of Etiquette have been tailored to match etiquette to the needs of all ages, from children to teens and adults.

She has even devised specific training for business professionals and those newly entering the workforce. One of her speciality subjects is Interviewing Etiquette.  At any age, applying for work and attending an interview can seem daunting,  so this course that she offers will guide you through the interview process to be prepared and equipped.

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Matthew Coppola, Client Centric
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