Capability statements offered by Client Centric. What they do and what is involved.

Pic1A capability statement is a business document that outlines the capabilities, expertise and resources of a company, and why do business with them.

Capability statements are used by companies of all sizes. Whether you are submitting one as part of a tender or would like to have a statement on hand for business meetings and proposals, a capability statement can be used.

The team at Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions write and design capability statements for companies of all sizes, no matter the industry. Past clientele that they have created capability statements for include companies providing legal services, construction, property management, communications, trades and scientific products.

They come up with the design, layout and structure of the statement, as well as the marketing spiels, in addition to wordsmithing content provided to them to expand on and improve clarity and style.

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Need a capability statement? Talk to the professionals at Client Centric

A capability statement is a professional document that companies may at times use to submit alongside a tender or as part of a business proposal.

Essentially, the statement works to outline to a prospective client why they should do business with you, what distinguishes you from the competition and what capabilities you have to offer that are relevant to meeting the client’s needs.

The team at Client Centric provide a professional service where they help companies create a professional capability statement that is both informative and attractive. They work with companies to come up with an outline and what information they may like to include. They ask questions to understand about the company and how they would like to be marketed.

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