How to condense your resume, by Matthew Coppola

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You may feel that your resume is too long, messy and unstructured, but you want to keep all the information because you think that you have a lot to offer and employers should know this.

An option is trying to shorten sentences in your responsibilities and experience by either removing unnecessary information or re-writing the sentence with the same content but shorter. An example of this would be:

  • LONG – Managing all administrative personnel (including part-time/full-time staff members) by overseeing their work, providing direction and training.
  • SHORT – Managing administrative staff by providing direction, supervision, and training.

With the sentence, you can see that I have omitted information such as the nature of all the staff member’s employment – full time and part-time, all which is unnecessary information. Also, the words staff members and personnel were used – so I took out both and replaced them with the one word – staff. This has shortened the sentence, making it briefer yet with the same meaning.

Published by Matthew Coppola - Career Coach, Employment Specialist and Professional CV Writer

Holding a graduate degree in Commerce, majoring in Economics at Curtin University, as well as a post graduate certificate in Career Education and Development at RMIT University, Matthew brings with him many years of experience working in the fields of business development, marketing, soft-skills training and employment services industry. He has gained significant exposure in working with employers in sourcing staff as well as assisting jobseekers in promoting and marketing themselves to employers and securing sustainable employment outcomes. He is currently working in Disability Employment Services where he assists clients with mental health disabilities in finding and keeping satisfying and gainful employment and helping them overcome and work around barriers to employment. He has helped many job seekers secure employment by training and coaching them in the art of being interviewed and giving the interviewer a positive and lasting impression. He knows how to sell and market a job seeker to an employer and he imparts this knowledge to his clients in helping them sell and market themselves in an interview. Matthew regularly writes new articles on a variety of employment related topics and posts these to his personal website blog

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