Practical Suggestions To Work More Effectively From Home

Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions, an Australian-based, online employment services business recently published a great article entitled “How To Deal With Challenges Around Working From Home” published today, the 29th April 2020.

Many professionals are finding themselves working from home due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, which has seen many households turn into functioning home offices.

In the article, it offers five practical suggestions to enable individuals to be their most productive while working from home. We all know how many distractions there are at home, and not everyone has the luxury of having a dedicate room for a home office.

I have summarised the suggestions below:

  1. Get a good night’s sleep. So effective to rest properly every night.
  2. Get organised. Plan for what you’re going to do each day.
  3. Ask people in your household to respect your need to focus while working.
  4. Get set up with everything you need to be productive. Computer, check. Monitor, check. Keyboard, check. Etc.
  5. Most distracting items away from your line of sight. Possibly in another room.

When I think of working from home, I do think of people who mainly work on a computer, or do drafting/architecture work. We’re all performance managed, and since an employer cannot see exactly what you are doing every minute or hour of the day, it does making things that little more complicated, especially if your not performing. For help on dealing with performance management, please read this other interesting post by Client Centric by clicking here.

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