What is Key Selection Criteria?

Key selection criteria are the skills, attributes, knowledge, and qualifications that the employer has defined as being essential for satisfying the requirements of the job and can be found in every Position Description. 

Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions specialise in writing tailored and informative responses to key selection criteria to align a candidate’s experience to the position description. For more information, visit their website by clicking here.

A key aim of a job application is to demonstrate that you meet the inherent requirements of the role. While a resume may offer an overview of your skills and experience, statements that directly address the selection criteria provide more detail about how you have demonstrated the competencies required to do the job. The employer can then compare candidates against the same set of criteria.

Is it Okay to mention Money in an Interview?

By Matthew Coppola

Every Selection Criteria is different, and so is how employers will view and read your answers to each criterion. Some may wish to focus on your skills or education; others will be more concerned about your experience.

More and more employers today are asking for selection criteria to be responded to as they try and cut down on the number of job applicants applying for work.

Client Centric offer a professional selection criteria writing service for clients in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Hobart, Perth and all other areas.


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