How Long Should My Cover Letter Be?

Generally, a cover letter should be limited to one page, unless a job advertisement has stipulated their requirements for the length and size that they are expecting for each applicant.

Each job application is unique, and it is essential to know if the employer/recruiter has some expectations. The kind of things that an employer could have expectations with your cover letter is the way it is formatted and written.

Writing a cover letter for a career change?

By Matthew Coppola, Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions

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Writing a Cover Letter for a Career Change

By Matthew Coppola


2 thoughts on “How Long Should My Cover Letter Be?

  1. […] My suggestions are first to write the cover letter as you usually would. Then, include each of the key selection criteria and weave it into the cover letter. Keep it brief, straight to the point and not too lengthy. It’s meant to be a cover letter. And generally speaking, a cover letter is about a page long in length. […]

  2. […] importantly when writing a resume for a first job, is that you accompany your application with a cover letter that’s short, yet brief and straight to the point. Doing so, will take your application to the next level and […]


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