Are You Wanting To Make a Career Transition?

Each year, millions of people make an internal shift, reaching a point where they are ready to explore a new career. For some, this transition means leaving the workforce to go back to school to develop a new skill set. Whether you want to change career, a military veteran or a parent returning to theContinue reading “Are You Wanting To Make a Career Transition?”

The Telltale Signs You’ve DONE WELL After a Job Interview

ClientCentric, an Australian professional writing agency for job seekers, recently published an interview entitled: “10 Signs You May Have Landed That Job”. In this article, I will be discussing about these excellent signals and why it’s important for job seekers to be positive after their job interview especially if they are nervous. Submitting a professionallyContinue reading “The Telltale Signs You’ve DONE WELL After a Job Interview”

Should You Include a Photo in Your CV?

I suggest refraining from including a photo of yourself in your CV. Unless it’s something that’s requested of you as part of your job application and it’s absolutely essential for the role requirements, then include a photo of yourself. Related article: Should I include a photo of myself in my resume? Some jobs in fashion, modelling,Continue reading “Should You Include a Photo in Your CV?”

How To Address Selection Criteria in a Cover Letter Format

A cover letter is an essential part of any job application. It’s your chance to prove to the employer why you feel that you would be an excellent fit for the role. The team at Client Centric, one of Australia’s best cover letter writing service in Australia, believe that it’s essential every application includes bothContinue reading “How To Address Selection Criteria in a Cover Letter Format”

Should You Put Your Employment References As “Available Upon Request”?

As a professional CV writer based in Australia, I get asked this question all the time. I come across many people who want to know whether they should include their job references in their CV or leave them out. Good question indeed. RELATED ARTICLE: What if I don’t want a recruiter to contact a referenceContinue reading “Should You Put Your Employment References As “Available Upon Request”?”

Civil vs Structural Engineering

Originally posted on InLine Engineering Services:
Are you wondering whether to hire a civil or structural engineer? Actually, you’ll need both of them! They work together at a construction site, although they have very different roles. While the job of a civil engineer is to do the planning and designing, the structural engineer needs to…

Essential CV Rules Every Graduate MUST KNOW

There are no set rules about writing a great resume except to make it easier for the employer to read; there are some clear guidelines for writing an effective resume. Here are some basic rules when writing a CV. Do Make the job of the reader as easy as possible. Potential employers are busy people;Continue reading “Essential CV Rules Every Graduate MUST KNOW”

8 SECRET REASONS Why You’re Not Getting a Job Interview

Common reasons for not getting job interviews include not “tailoring” your resume correctly, having a resume that’s longer than it should be for your experience and many other reasons. There are eight common reasons why you are not getting calls for interviews, so we’ll look at all of them in this article. 1. You’re relyingContinue reading “8 SECRET REASONS Why You’re Not Getting a Job Interview”

How to Find the Best Resume Writing Help in Melbourne

If you’re looking for an excellent resume writing service in Melbourne, then most likely you’ve come across many different businesses that provide this service and say that they’ll write for you a stand-out CV, and how great they are and so forth. It can undoubtedly be overwhelming for people in Melbourne to find a cost-effectiveContinue reading “How to Find the Best Resume Writing Help in Melbourne”

How to do a Key Selection Criteria Response the Proper Way

When writing excellent key selection criteria responses, to do it properly, there are some simple steps to follow. Use good examples. First and foremost, you want to make sure that you have one or two good examples that you can include in your response. The example/s must be relevant, solid and concise. Don’t waffle on,Continue reading “How to do a Key Selection Criteria Response the Proper Way”

6 Challenges with Job Hunting

Today, job seekers all over the world face unprecedented levels of competition in the jobs market. Some areas more so than others. However, I have observed six challenges that job seekers commonly have to contend with.  1. Not being given feedback from an employer as to why their application was unsuccessful. I wish employers wouldContinue reading “6 Challenges with Job Hunting”