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Holding a graduate degree in Commerce, majoring in Economics at Curtin University, as well as a post graduate certificate in Career Education and Development at RMIT University, Matthew brings with him more than 6 years experience working in the fields of business development, marketing, soft-skills training and employment services industry. He has gained significant exposure in working with employers in sourcing staff as well as assisting jobseekers in promoting and marketing themselves to employers and securing sustainable employment outcomes. He is currently working in Disability Employment Services where he assists clients with mental health disabilities in finding and keeping satisfying and gainful employment and helping them overcome and work around barriers to employment. He has helped many job seekers secure employment by training and coaching them in the art of being interviewed and giving the interviewer a positive and lasting impression. He knows how to sell and market a job seeker to an employer and he imparts this knowledge to his clients in helping them sell and market themselves in an interview. Matthew regularly writes new articles on a variety of employment related topics and posts these to his personal website blog

Professional Capability Statements by Client Centric

The Capability Statements that are designed by Client Centric are professional brochures/prospectus documents that outline a company’s services and/or products in an attractive, eye-capturing way to draw in the reader’s attention.

They do this through the right mix of images, graphics and content, which is easy to read and understand.

Examples of past capability statements that they have created can be viewed on their website, by clicking here.

Although, every statement that Client Centric create is original and personalised to the theme and direction of the company, as intended.


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Why are hiring processes quite lengthy? By Matthew Coppola

Hiring processes can be quite lengthy – going across 3 weeks or more, involving multiple interviews, both over the phone, in person, in group situations and with different managers/recruiters at varying stages of the interview process.

And, until candidates are shortlisted, a final interview is made (Interview coaching works well at this stage to help prepare the candidate) and the right candidate is made an offer.

The prospective employer really wants to find the best candidate for a position.

This may mean conducting multiple interviews, especially if a significant number of people applied for the position or is a major recruitment drive happening and there are multiple positions available.


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Dealing with a job description/advert that is uninformative, by Matthew Coppola

It can be rather frustrating when an employer puts out a job description or advertisement and it isn’t clear. There is not much to go by in terms of information about the job, what is expected and what will be involved.

So, faced with this kind of situation, what can the job seeker do to deal with this?

There are a couple of options:

  • Contact the employer/recruiter for a friendly, brief call if appropriate, to find out more about the role.
  • Research similar positions and look at what would be involved to give you a better idea.
  • If you do apply for the role and then invited in for an interview (this is where interview coaching helps) that will give you the opportunity to ask more about the job.


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Is it best to send a resume in PDF or Word format to a prospective employer? By Matthew Coppola

The great thing about converting the resume to a PDF is that it can be easily viewed on most devices – phones and tablets.

It’s also a great way to ensure that the CV will be delivered in the right format as intended and can be viewed clearly by the prospective employer or recruiter.

Having your resume professionally written by the experts is also a great way to get noticed.


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Is it really necessary to put personal interests on my resume? By Matthew Coppola

Outlining what your personal interests are on a resume does provide some insight into what you enjoy and the activities that you partake of outside of your professional work life.

Having insight into the passions and interests of a potential employee can help the employer gain a better understanding of what you may be like, potentially in terms of engaging with others and sharing interests, contributing to the diverse nature of a team.

In terms of including it into job application documents, this may be a separate section or included as part of the summary.


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How can I show better initiative at work? By Matthew Coppola

Initiative, by definition, is to take the opportunity to act or take charge before someone else does.

It’s about using common sense, thinking on your feet and taking that important step forward to help get something done.

From a workplace perspective, it’s about taking the opportunity to get work done, even without being asked to do or, or asking first if anything needs to be done or where you can help and assist as required to support team and organisational objectives.

An employee who regularly shows initiative (Regularly) is viewed very favourably by all employers, prospective and current. Usually, this is a question that’s asked during the interview, which is why interview skills coaching is a great way to receive help on these types of questions.

If you see work that needs to be done, or observe that an improvement can be made or that your team is struggling with the workload, you can show initiative by stepping in as a resourceful person and taking up the opportunity to support your fellow colleagues.


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How valuable can temporary employment opportunities be? By Matthew Coppola

So, you have just recently been offered temporary employment. Say, around 2 – 4 or more weeks of work to either cover for someone who is away, or to help with a backlog of work.

Temporary work opportunities, although short in nature and not permanent job opportunities, they do present many benefits to the job seeker. These benefits include:

  • Great way to get into employment quickly and provide some breathing space while out of work and searching for a permanent position.
  • Generally speaking, the pay rate tends to be higher than a permanent role.
  • Opportunity to add experience to your CV, so that at your next interview, you can show that you have taken up opportunities to work while searching for a role.
  • The temporary role may (not always) turn into a permanent position, in that if the employer likes your work, they may find a suitable position within the organisation. Although, you cannot always expect this.

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