What Does The “Generation Gap” Mean?

The phrase “generation gap” implies that a great chasm exists between the old and the young, and that it must be immensely difficult to overcome. Kingsley Davis first wrote about it (in a business sense) in 1940. He thought that rapid social change was responsible for this parent-child-youth type of conflict. His initial article spurredContinue reading “What Does The “Generation Gap” Mean?”

An Explanation Of Generation Y By Matthew Coppola

OMG. IM ROFLMAO ATM. BTW I G2G but ill BRB.If your not up with the lingo I just said Oh my goodness. Im Rollling over Laughing my ass off. I got to go but ill be right back. Today im going to be talking about the generation that talks like that.Known for their optimistic attitudes,Continue reading “An Explanation Of Generation Y By Matthew Coppola”

How To Make The Most Out Of Employing Generation Y By Matthew Coppola

KEY BENEFITS IN EMPLOYING GEN Y”They are tech-smart “” Being the first generation to have grown up with computers, Gen Y are early adopters of new technology.They are fast learners when it comes to new tech gadgets, and can even teach you how to use things like content management systems and social media. “Inexpensive andContinue reading “How To Make The Most Out Of Employing Generation Y By Matthew Coppola”