I no longer have a job. What should I do now?

So, you have lost your job or are about to lose your job. What can you do?

First and foremost is not to panic and prepare to start actively applying and tailoring your resume and cover letter to positions.

Carefully consider your skills and experience. Open up your options to jobs that you can do and are willing to do. 

Sure, during periods of a recession or low economic activity, jobs can be scarce. 

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But stay positive, in control and focused. Get your CV in order by utilising the services of a professional resume writer. They will write up a custom-tailored resume designed to market and promote your skills and experience, even tailoring your cover letter or a general letter that you can edit yourself. 

Try not to rush your job applications too. Employers will notice this.


The recession of 2020? Top 5 ways you can prepare yourself now!

26747013429_096efda353_wOkay, so there has been much talk circulating about an impending recession for 2020. Whatever the case may be, you may be wondering what you can do to prepare now.

Here are 5 ways I believe can help an individual prepare for a recession in case they lose their job:

  • Get your resume and cover letter in order. Enlist the services of a professional resume writer such as Client Centric.
  • Keep abreast of what is happening in the jobs market. Add your profile to job search websites.
  • Stay positive, focused and in control. 
  • Practice responding to interview questions to help prepare you for an interview. 
  • Think about all your skills, industry experience and the kind of roles that you can apply for. Open up your options to other employment. 

Matthew Coppola, Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions

Securing work during a recession: what you need to know.

13903388778_5b429faf5c_wIt’s 2020, and since the start of the year, there has been much talk about a looming recession.

It’s been decades since Australia faced a significant recessionary period and so many have genuine reasons for concern. First and foremost on most people’s minds are their jobs.

Job security is crucial for living and getting by day-to-day.

During a recession, the jobs market is tighter, and there are fewer positions vacant. People lose their jobs or receive fewer hours of work, with the result being an increase in unemployment, including underemployment and more applicants flooding the jobs market.

So, during such challenging times, it is essential, if not crucial, to stand out from other candidates with a resume and cover letter that draws the employer’s attention and makes an impression. The resume writers at Client Centric have the experience and expertise to write for you a new and professionally written CV and cover letter to help market you to prospective employers.

Then, the next step is to win over the employer during your interview. To help you be more confident in your next job interview, Client Centric also provide one-on-one interview skills coaching.

The resumes, cover letters and responses to key selection criteria that they write are completely personalised and tailored for the individual.

They are entirely personalised and tailored for the individual. They incorporate your experience and tie it back to the position, and they also research what employers are asking for and make sure that your documents reflect this. They write up a selling summary at the start of the resume/CV, expand on your skills and capabilities as well as amplifying your employment history. They expertly write every CV, cover letter and response to a key selection criterion.

Please feel free to visit their website today at www.clientcentric.com.au