10 Skills That Every Sales Person Should Include In Their Resume

This article discusses the top 10 skills that every salesperson should include in their CV to make sure it’s as effective and relevant as possible.

How to Effectively Change a Client’s Emotion, by Matthew Coppola

Emotion has on a large effect on a person’s behaviour and by learning how to identify the clients feeling will help you provide a suitable solution. By changing the client’s emotion you may be able to help the client see your solution more clearly without the emotion that controls their behaviour. E- Motion is contributed/createdContinue reading “How to Effectively Change a Client’s Emotion, by Matthew Coppola”

Why It Pays To Be Honest In Sales By Matthew Coppola

To many business people, the belief is that honesty pays, but not enough. To survive in the cut throat world of business and sales, many feel that they need to lie or bend the truth to get anywhere in business.But is that the case? Does being deceitful, dishonest and untruthful in sales and business reallyContinue reading “Why It Pays To Be Honest In Sales By Matthew Coppola”

How to effectively cold visit prospective employers by Matthew Coppola

Article by Matthew Coppola, Client Centric  Looking for a new job? Wanting to move on to a new role? Client Centric can help by professionally writing for you a new and tailored CV and cover letter designed to help market and promote you to prospective employers. They also provide interview coaching and assist with addressingContinue reading “How to effectively cold visit prospective employers by Matthew Coppola”

Key Marketing Tips by Matthew Coppola

1. Base all your images and information around your target market. Your target market is the customer base which purchases your products. Take into account their age profile and income group. Older age groups have different preferences as opposed to younger age groups. Income is also a strong dependant on how important price and valueContinue reading “Key Marketing Tips by Matthew Coppola”