5 Ways To Write Winning Responses To Selection Criteria

Insight into what makes a great response to selection criteria, by Matthew Coppola, Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions

Need help addressing key selection criteria?

Are you applying for a role and need to address a set of key selection criteria in order to be considered for the position? At Client Centric, they help with writing personalised responses that are unique and concise, straight to the point. They will incorporate your experience and demonstrate how it relates to the requirements of the …

The importance of addressing key selection criteria. By Matthew Coppola

More and more jobs these days require a set of key selection criteria to be addressed. From positions in Government to roles in the Health Care sector, the human resources team want to know that you can demonstrate that you have the right level of experience and practical skills that match up with the key …

What is one approach that I can take in answering a behavioural based interview question? By Matthew Coppola

Most interviews these days will involve both standard and behavioural type interview questions being asked of the candidate. Standard type questions including that such as ‘Why should we hire you?’ and ‘What makes you the best person for this role?’ and so forth. Behavioural questions, on the other hand, are asked of the candidate to …

How long should each key selection criteria response be? By Matthew Coppola

  Depends. Generally speaking, it is good for a response to be half-a-page long, although it really depends on the criteria question/statement and what is being asked. Some employers will stipulate a word limit for each response. This may range anywhere from 300 words to 1000 words, so it makes sense to adjust the length …

Assistance with Addressing Key Selection Criteria Writing Services in Melbourne

Writing successful responses that are specific, concrete and relevant.

Every selection criteria that we
address is personalised and extensive research is
undertaken to write quality answers.

What is a ‘Selection Criteria’? By Matthew Coppola

Selection Criteria are a series of statements that refer to the credentials, knowledge, abilities, talents and understanding that are essential in a particular occupation. When requested to reply to Selection Criteria, you are being probed to explain and describe exactly how you meet the requirements of the position and in making your reply, providing specific and …