What if I don’t have any weaknesses when asked at an interview? By Matthew Coppola

You may not have any professional working weaknesses that you are aware of that hinder your ability to perform a job to the best you can. Many professionals and tradespersons perform their job very, very well and do not have any areas of concern that they feel they need to address or has been raised to them by a former supervisor or colleague.

So, you may decide to be upfront and honest that to your knowledge, there are no weaknesses that you can think of which need to be dealt with so that you can effectively undertake your duties.

Answering no when asked this question might not be the best approach to take.

Why is that?

I believe this may not be the best approach to take because a prospective employer/the recruiting agent may not entirely view it as truthfulness. But this is only an assumption. It may even impress them. We don’t know.

Another option to take is to think about an area of ‘professional development.’ that you would like to pursue. It might be to learn another language so that you can converse better with customers from other backgrounds, or it might be a challenge that you recently faced (ie. Being confident on the phone) but recently you have worked on this and it no longer presents itself as a ‘weakness’ as such.


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Interview question: Why haven’t you gone further in your profession? By Matthew Coppola

The employer may be curious as to what your career goals are. Are you career driven? Or are you contempt with your current role? Or is there something holding you back from moving further in your profession.

Avoid taking it personal.

At the end of the day, you don’t really need to justify as to why you haven’t gone further in your career. There may be a multitude of reasons for this.

Maybe quite simply you are not career minded, nor do you have great expectations of yourself in the future. Maybe you are contempt with your current state of employment and the level of workload that you have is just enough to cope with.

Or it may be that you genuinely have tried to move up into a higher paying position with more responsibility. Your reasons for this may be varied too. But you have not been successful in moving up because either you don’t have the skills to or you don’t have enough experience that will meet the essential requirements of the new position.


Its best to show a contempt attitude with your current level of employment by talking about all your accomplishments, what you have learnt, how good you are at your job or certain aspects of it, and that you are happy either way whether you move up or stay in your current role and just do really well, that is, perfect your role.

Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions is an Australian based business that assists with CV/Resume writing, addressing key selection criteria and covering letters to help you with give your best foot forward to an employer.

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 Please feel free to visit their website: www.clientcentric.com.au.

The benefits of utilizing an interview coaching service and what it can mean for you .

For most of us, securing a job is a 3 step process. This includes first applying for the job by submitting your resume and cover letter as well as any other supporting documentation, then being called in for an interview and if successful, accepting or rejecting the offer followed by negotiation. But the most important part really is the step of being interviewed. It can make or break our chances of securing the job no matter how good our application is or our potential as a employee with the company.

Being interviewed and handling the interview well is almost like an art. We need to present well, speak well and get along with the interviewer/s. Most interviews consist of one person or a panel of people, asking a series of question both behavioral, job specific and general in nature. No matter how good someone can be at their job, they may struggle with being interviewed. They may say the wrong thing or the right thing but in the wrong way, speak too short, too long or not show enough understanding or experience. First impressions count in an interview.

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  • Improved confidence
  • Better understanding of how to approach certain questions
  • Understanding of how to market one’s strengths
  • How to demonstrate and align experience and value to the role being interviewed for.

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