How to condense your resume, by Matthew Coppola

You may feel that your resume is too long, messy and unstructured, but you want to keep all the information because you think that you have a lot to offer and employers should know this. An option is trying to shorten sentences in your responsibilities and experience by either removing unnecessary information or re-writing theContinue reading “How to condense your resume, by Matthew Coppola”

Adelaide Resume Writing Services | Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions

Employment solutions that work. Established in 2010, Client Centric has become one of the leading boutique employment services firm in Australia. We deliver career and employment solutions for  jobseekers and employers throughout the employment lifecycle.  We offer a variety of employment and HR services for both jobseekers and employers. We specialise in writing professional andContinue reading “Adelaide Resume Writing Services | Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions”

Adelaide Resume and Cover Letter Writing Services

With hundreds of resumes to plow through, an employer won’t initially spend more than about 30 seconds looking at each individual resume. The secret of our resume service lies in knowing what to include, what not to include, and what kind of a spin to put on your resume, to ensure your resume will standContinue reading “Adelaide Resume and Cover Letter Writing Services”