What A De-Militarised CV Is And Why It’s Needed For The Civilian Workplace

This article discusses exactly what a de-militarised CV is and why you need one when applying for a job in the civilian workplace.

The dilemma “I am looking to move on to a new job, but I just don’t know where to start!” By Matthew Coppola

So, you are not happy working for your current employer and you have decided that now is the time to make and make that change on to a new role that will bring new challenges, excitement and most of all, a change of scenery. But you face a dilemma. There are so many jobs advertised …

What really are employers looking for in a suitable job candidate?

The problem most employers find when looking for a suitable candidate is that they do not meet the requirements of both the position and the employer. Both are different and this is something that must be understood. When we submit our resume and covering letter for a job, we not only need to address the …

Why it’s important to thoroughly read the position description, by Matthew Coppola

Just how important is it to read the position description? The following article answer this question and explains just how important it is in not only knowing that you can definately perform the required duties of the job but also will give you the confidence and assertiveness in the interview.