Applying for jobs in Brisbane and sending out your resume

In addition to sending your resume and covering letter out online to apply for jobs in Brisbane, you may also want to try cold calling businesses. For example, lets say that you are applying for administrative positions. You may want to cold call real estate agents, accounting firms to name a few. When calling, you may have a spiel that goes as follows:  “Hi my name is Steven, I have a strong background in administration and reception work, I am currently looking for work I was wondering if there may be an opportunity for casual/part time work at your business”… This is a great way to find work and tap into the hidden jobs market. Client Centric offer a service where they can professionally write you a new CV and Covering Letter as well as address the key selection criteria should a job request this as part of your application.

Professionally Written and Tailored Resume and Cover Letter writing service in Brisbane, Queensland

Established in 2013, Client Centric has become one of the leading boutique employment services firms in Australia. They deliver career and employment solutions for  jobseekers and employers throughout the employment lifecycle. Since this time, they have been writing quality professionally written CV’s and Covering Letters to market the job seekers skills and experience to employers. They have been servicing all areas in Brisbane / Gold Coast and surrounding suburbs including Chermside, Moorooka, Springwood, Forest Lake, Collingwood, Upper Mount Gravatt, Wynnum, Burpengary, Rosewood, Marburg, Thomlands, South Port, Logan Village, Greenbank, Ipswich, Morayfield and Stafford. If you are living in Brisbane, it would be a good idea to have your current resume and covering letter looked at by Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions. They offer a range of packages and employment assistance for every client’s need. 

You may particularly need assistance in selling yourself on paper or promoting your skills and experience on paper. This is what they specialise in. For every CV written, they research what employers in your field are looking for and bring out the transferrable skills you have to offer, to make sure that your CV addresses the employer’s requirements. 

Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions

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The question in an interview “What pay rate are you looking for?”

You’re all excited about an up and coming interview lined up for you. The day comes, you put on your best clothes and head off for the job interview. During the interview, they may ask you what pay rate you are looking for. This is not something that you haven’t thought about. It’s serious and the pay means a lot to you. It’s the reward that you will receive for all your hard work, taking into account your skills and knowledge as well as the appropriate rate for your industry and level of position. So you might say to them a particular rate you are after, or what you were on in your last role. Some people prefer to say that they don’t have a particular rate of pay in mind, but would like to negotiate.

Whatever you say, the interviewer may just look down at your resume, think about your experience and how much they are willing to pay, then may either mention this to you or say that they will discuss it should you be successful for the position. You leave the interview feeling pretty confident.

A day later, they call you up saying that you have been successful for the position and what they are willing to pay. You negotiate over the phone and soon, come to an agreement.

“Effective job hunting is about making tailored job applications that match the vacancy and employer” By Matthew Coppola

Please take a moment now to think about the heading of this article:

“Effective job hunting is about making tailored job applications that match the vacancy and employer”

Job hunting means to be actively looking and applying for work. Scouring job vacancy websites and apps to find the right job or one that you are interested in doing. You like the employer and the job and feel that you are well suited to the position. More often than not however, many will send out job applications one after the other, with a standard covering letter, generalist resume and a couple sentences in the email saying that they are interested in the position and all about them. That’s right, all about them. 

Well it shouldn’t be all about the job seeker but rather all about the resume. You do not need to elaborate on everything you have done in your 20 year career. Rather, talk about the experience that relates to the job.

Many people send out job applications that are not tailored for the position and that actively addresses the employer’s interests. If you are a fire fighter but want to work in an accounts office, well then you wouldn’t send your firefighting resume and talk about how many fires you have eliminated when writing your job application. No, rather you would change your resume for office work and address the requirements for the position and how you feel your skills and experience would add value in that position and for the employer in meeting their business goals.


Author: Matthew Coppola, Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions

Holding a graduate degree in Commerce, majoring in Economics at Curtin University, as well as a post graduate certificate in Career Education and Development at RMIT University, Matthew brings with him more than 6 years experience working in the fields of business development, marketing, soft-skills training and employment services industry. He has gained significant exposure in working with employers in sourcing staff as well as assisting jobseekers in promoting and marketing themselves to employers and securing sustainable employment outcomes. He is currently working in Disability Employment Services where he assists clients with mental health disabilities in finding and keeping satisfying and gainful employment and helping them overcome and work around barriers to employment. 

He has helped many job seekers secure employment by training and coaching them in the art of being interviewed and giving the interviewer a positive and lasting impression. He knows how to sell and market a job seeker to an employer and he imparts this knowledge to his clients in helping them sell and market themselves in an interview.

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The 5 signs of a quality build CV, by Matthew Coppola

As it gets harder and harder to secure employment and stand out from other job candidates, it is becoming increasingly important to have a powerful resume that really sells and markets your skills and abilities to prospective employers.

As it gets harder and harder to secure employment and stand out from other job candidates, it is becoming increasingly important to have a powerful resume that really sells and markets your skills and abilities to prospective employers.

Here are 5 signs of what makes a quality CV:

1. It is specific

Is your resume effectively marketing you toward one particular type of industry or role? Or does your CV have little direction about what career you are heading towards and how you define yourself in your field?

2. It is well written and structured. 

The CV must flow and be readable. Employers have limited time reading your resume so you want to make sure that it has clear headings, bullet points, and is in order from your name to the selling summary then competencies and your education and training and so forth.

3. It expands on your skills and experience and clearly outlines your success. 

Mention some of your notable achievements both at work/school. If you have recently graduated, make sure that the CV reflects the grades you achieved and some successful projects you completed. A brief summary will be sufficient.

For every job role, make a list underneath it of your achievements with that employer/in that position.

4. It is readable.

Does it sound clear to you when your read it aloud? Does it make sense? This is important. You want to impress the person looking at your CV with your exceptional skills in your attention to detail.

5. It is personalised.

Make sure that it is tailored for the positions that you are applying for. Use key words employers in the industry are looking for and make sure that your CV is a good reflection of what is best practice/desirable in the industry.


Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions

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Brisbane Resume Writing Services | Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions

Established in 2010, Client Centric has become one of the leading boutique employment services firm in Australia. We deliver career and employment solutions for  jobseekers and employers throughout the employment lifecycle. 

We offer a variety of employment and HR services for both jobseekers and employers. We specialise in writing professional and tailored Resumes that really market and sell the individual. We are also experts in writing high quality responses to Key Selection Criteria that have resulted in very successful outcomes and the results prove this.  

Our expertise includes Sales & Marketing, Transport & Logistics, Manufacturing & Operations, Healthcare & Education, Community Service & Non-Profit, Engineering & Technical, Office Administration, Energy & Utilities and Mining.

We service clients in every capital city in Australia and regional areas throughout Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney, Hobart and Canberra.

We provide a resume writing service in Brisbane and service all areas including:

  • Western Suburbs and Ipswich
  •  CBD and Inner Suburbs
  • Bayside and Eastern Suburbs
  • Northern Suburbs
  • Southern Suburbs and Logan

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