Snapshot about the capability statement writing and design service offered by Client Centric

Keep calm and get your capability statement professionally revamped by the professionals.

Client Centric an professionally design your company’s capability statement to help market and promote your full range of services or products to use in tendering for new business or as marketing material for prospective customers.

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Capability statements offered by Client Centric. What they do and what is involved.

Pic1A capability statement is a business document that outlines the capabilities, expertise and resources of a company, and why do business with them.

Capability statements are used by companies of all sizes. Whether you are submitting one as part of a tender or would like to have a statement on hand for business meetings and proposals, a capability statement can be used.

The team at Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions write and design capability statements for companies of all sizes, no matter the industry. Past clientele that they have created capability statements for include companies providing legal services, construction, property management, communications, trades and scientific products.

They come up with the design, layout and structure of the statement, as well as the marketing spiels, in addition to wordsmithing content provided to them to expand on and improve clarity and style.

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Coming soon: Capability Statement Writing Service at Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions

From Sales Personnel, to Marketing Personnel, Human Resources Personnel, Management Personnel and Technical Personnel.

A Capability Statement is a key tool all can use to market your company.

Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions has started offering a new service, called Capability Statement Writing and Design Services.

What is a Capability Statement?

A Capability Statement is a company marketing tool that demonstrates your company or organisation’s core competencies, accreditations and associations, as well as major achievements, key skills and expertise, experience and products/services offered.

At Client Centric, we write Capability Statements that are specific, well structured, very presentable and which market your company towards a specific target market or type of audience. The purpose of the Capability Statement is to promote your company and highlight what you have to offer and why they should do business with you.

A Capability Statement is used to communicate to potential customers, key stakeholders, suppliers and future employees about your company, what it does and what makes it different, or unique. That is, it clearly outlines your company’s key selling points, or your point of difference.

The goal of our Capability Statements is to persuade others to conduct business with your company or organisation and to help differentiate you from the competition. It is a great tool that staff can use to strengthen your corporate brand and emphasis the point of different and value you bring and why it is important to the individual reading it. That is, how it can benefit them.

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