Tips on finding a new job, by Matthew Coppola

Finding a new job can be a challenging and frustrating experience; however you can make it easier for yourself when you use proactive strategies. The below tips are applicable for all job seekers, both new to the job market and those with many years’ experience.

Here are some of my best tips for finding a new job at any career level.

1. Be clear and know what you want. Reflect on your strengths and weaknesses and the type of work that you enjoy doing. What do you want in a job?

2. Research the organisations that you are targeting. This will help you to get a feel for the organisation’s culture, what you are likely to be paid and if they are the right fit for you.

3. Tailor your resume to each position. By doing this, the recruiter or hr manager will know straight away that you have the skills they are looking for. Remember that your CV is one of the most critical tools for when it comes to job searching.

4. Have an online career profile. By having a career profile like on LinkedIn, you are showcasing your experience, knowledge, and passion online where employers and recruiters search the web for potential employees. Maybe it’s time to get your LinkedIn profile professionally revamped?

5. Be organised. Have a system that works for you, with organising your job searching. Even just a simple spreadsheet to keep track of the positions that you have applied for.

6. Utilise your network of contacts. People you know may want to help you in finding a job or may know that a position is currently available at their workplace and could refer you to their HR manager.

7. Don’t just apply online. Limiting yourself to only online could make the process take longer. Contact companies directly via cold calling or recruiters to let them know you are looking for work, or even leave your resume in their letterbox.

8. Have daily job-related goals to reach. By having a daily goal to achieve, this will help you to stay focused and motivated with finding a job.

9. Prepare for all your job interviews. Develop responses for common interview questions and practice them with a friend or interview coach. The more prepared you are, the more comfortable and confident you will be. Client Centric offer interview skills coaching via face to face or Zoom/Skype.

10. Email thank you messages to all interviewers after the interview. A brief email of thanks highlighting your keen interest and fit with the role and employer is a great way to help make you stand out from the majority.

By Matthew Coppola, Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions

South Australia: A Growing State With Great Potential For Development

At the time of writing this article (May 2020) according to the Government of South Australia on their site ‘Growth State – Our Plan for Prosperity’ there are around 9 growth sectors identified, each with specific strategies developed as part of a growth plan.

What I really like is that there is a plan attached to each major sector.

Applying for jobs in Adelaide, suggestions and tips by Matthew Coppola

South Australia is an incredible state with a rich and vibrant history, known for being an affordable state, with less traffic and easier commute to work.

For people searching for gainful employment, Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions offer a professional resume and cover letter writing service for clients in Adelaide and throughout South Australia. These guys are brilliant. Experts in their field and know what it takes to make a CV go from good to great.

I think it’s important for any state throughout Australia to grow. Growth helps to boost employment, creating thousands of jobs which mean more opportunities for job seekers and professionals to expand their reach, push forward and better themself.

If, though, you happen to come across a job that asks you to respond to a set of key selection criteria, Client Centric are the number one Adelaide selection criteria writers that can write for just about any job.

Gainful work means much to all of us.

I personally believe it’s so important to love what you do, and to do all you can to professionally develop and grow in your knowledge and skill set.

From memory, I can recall my last visit as being memorable. I stayed in the Adelaide central business district, and visited the Adelaide hills region. I remember it was raining at the time, but what I loved was the greenery of the area. The air was fresh, you could smell the open fireplaces and how clean and crisp the environment was. A memory that I think I will certainly cherish for years to come. May even prompt me to go for another visit to Adelaide in the future.

New South Wales: Finding Work, Securing Employment And Getting Ahead In Sydney

Sydney, one of the largest cities in Australia, is known for the diverse range of industries that employ many thousands of people. Industries such as manufacturing, finance, education and distribution. 

According to the City of Sydney, the city is recognised for leading a knowledge-based economy in the country.

Employment, like in any major city, depends on many factors.

When there are more jobs and fewer candidates applying for work, there may be less competition as opposed to when there are fewer jobs and more people seeking employment.

It’s imperative to stand out in a crowded jobs market and make an impression.

Coping with a challenging jobs market in Sydney: What you need to know!

You can do this by enlisting the help of the experts. That is, by utilising the services of a professional business which deals with the writing of resumes, cover letters and responses to key selection criteria.

Why we should never worry about candidates vying for the same job, by Matthew Coppola

Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions is one such business that provides these services and they do it very well.

Specifically, they provide a professional resume and cover letter writing service for clients in Sydney, as well as assistance for clients in Sydney who need help addressing key selection criteria for positions in Government, community services, education and health care.

And, once you have secured an interview, these guys can even help you make a greater impression and improve your confidence during the interview process with one-on-one interview coaching for clients in Sydney.

Remember, sure it may be tough out there. But as I have always said in the past, it’s important to not lose focus. Remain positive, upbeat and confident that the right job will come along.



Frustrated You Didn’t Hear From Back From an Employer? You’re Not Alone.

Client Centric Executive Employment Solutionsan Australian-based professional job seeker services firm, recently published an article entitled:

“Why Employers Don’t Always Respond To Unsuccessful Job Applications?”.

A good question to ask indeed.

If you’re frustrated that you didn’t hear back from an employer after submitting a job application, you’re not alone.

More often than not, job seekers receive a response back from an employer saying that they were unsuccessful and wish them all the best, or they don’t hear back at all. Or, it’s just one of those cold replies that are worse than not hearing back anything at all:

You were not successful, thank you.

The article makes a good point. Employers can receive anywhere up to a thousand applicants for a single position. So you can imagine how time-consuming it would be to provide personalised responses to each and every unsuccessful applicant.

Sure, you take the time to prepare your application and tailor your resume and cover letter, only to be unsuccessful.

I have written in the past on coping strategies for dealing with job rejections, as well as an article entitled: How long can it take to secure an interview?

The article also makes the point to stay focused and keep applying. Not letting one or ten job applications let you down or demotivate you.

Ways you can prepare yourself now to enter the workforce in Brisbane post Covid-19, by Matthew Coppola

No doubt many will agree that the jobs market in Brisbane is tight, especially given the current Covid-19 climate. But what about post-COVID-19. You may be wondering what you can do now to prepare yourself to re-enter the workforce or even make a career change.

Firstly, I suggest looking at what jobs are available now and will be available in the future. I have written an article on this entitled What can I do when there are so many places online to find work? By Matthew Coppola.

The first step is to get your resume in order. Maybe have more than one CV prepared so that you open up your options to suitable employment. You can write a CV and cover letter yourself. Or get help from a professional resume and cover letter writer based in Brisbane, who will craft for you job application documents that work to highlight the best that you have to offer a prospective employer.

In your search to find those suitable jobs, you may come across positions that ask you to address a set of key selection criteria. Don’t dismiss them! Most roles in Government will include selection criteria as part of the application process. You can address them yourself, or seek assistance from the Brisbane selection criteria writers at Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions. This Australian based business has the expertise to write winning responses to any criterion, in any industry.

Getting to the interview stage is half the battle, but it’s a battle worth fighting to achieve. Once you’re in front of the employer in an interview setting, you know that they liked your application and that you have a strong chance of securing the position, which makes it so essential to get it right. You have the option of finessing your interview technique by receiving interview coaching by an experienced coach in Brisbane, Australia who will guide and teach you to build up confidence. Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions offer this service. And frankly, very good at doing so.

Remember never to give up and to stay focused and in control. For my insight on staying focused, please feel free to read this article How to stay motivated and positive despite set backs in securing work, by Matthew Coppola.

Why have a collection of CVs/resumes as opposed to having just the one CV? By Matthew Coppola

There’s a saying “It’s good to keep your options open” and how true that is, especially when it comes to searching and applying for suitable employment.

Some job seekers opt to have a collection of different CVs that they can use in applying for work, and there are many reputable professional resume writers that can help with this.

Often, we find ourselves out of a job and not sure what to do. There are a few different roles, perhaps in related or completely different industries that we know, after reading through the employer’s requirements and selection criteria, that we can do the job. (By the way, if you do find a job that asks you to address a set of key selection criteria, Australian employment services firm Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions can provide assistance in addressing them for you. Learn more by clicking here.

And, if you find that the job description is fairly uninformative, there’s an article I have written on about how to deal with uninformative job descriptions.

In fact, having a one-page CV can be powerful too in terms of getting straight to the point about your knowledge and experience, as well as providing the employer with a brief page to read.

So, having multiple CVs for different jobs can be helpful because you can apply for more jobs and therefore increase your chances of gaining suitable employment. That’s right, you’re keeping the options open. The same goes for your cover letter.

And, once you secure a job interview then fantastic! The Australian company mentioned earlier – Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions – provide interview coaching and will teach you the techniques and skills to handle standard and behavioural type questions, personalised for you and your needs. Learn more about their interview coaching service by clicking here.

Client Centric is an Australian-wide business providing an online employment service for job seekers wanting to get an edge over other candidates in the jobs market. They write resumes and cover letters for clients in Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast as well as across Tasmania. Feel free to contact the team today and they will be more than happy to help.


Coping with rejections from unsuccessful job applications, by Matthew Coppola

woman in front of her computer
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So you are looking for work and find the perfect job—precisely the type of role you want to do and take the next step in your career. You may start to visualise yourself in the position, imagine the pride and joy that you will have and can share with your family and close friends. It’s a great feeling start to a new job, and you are excited about what may be in store for you in the future.

So, you go ahead and apply. And because this role is perfect for you, it warrants the extra time and attention to detail in your application. You tailor your resume, modify your cover letter to help increase your chances and make sure that your job application accurately addresses the employer’s requirements. There’s a good article on the benefits of tailoring your resume written by Client Centric.

So yeah, you could say you’ve put in the time and effort to make a great application, and after proof-reading both documents over and over again, you’re confident attach them and hit the submit button.

And there it goes, off into the wide world web.

You wait, wait and wait.

Finally, you get a call from the prospective recruiter. I often write about articles dealing with the recruitment process, such as why hiring processes can be so lengthy. Recruiters often dismiss application and pigeon-hole you into one particular field. The field that you’re trying to get out of and move into something new. It’s disheartening. It’s mean. Maybe you have found yourself in a similar position. Perhaps you applied only not just to be rejected, but not even have the chance to speak with anyone as to why you were not successful.

The thing is not to give up. To not let anyone tell put you down. To lift your head high and persevere, keep applying and believe in yourself. Indeed, take on constructive feedback and see where you can improve, and view any criticism like water off a duck’s back.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel. Which is why it can be so helpful to have your resume and cover letter professionally written by the experts in Brisbane, as well as other states throughout Australia. Feel free to learn more about Client Centric and what they can do to support you with your job search efforts.

And if you want to know what makes a resume stand out, read this great article by Client Centric entitled “what makes a good resume stand out?”.