Should I include my high-school education in my resume? By Matthew Coppola

Depends really on what stage you are in your career. If you are starting out in the workforce – straight out of high school, it makes sense to include your high school education and mention the subjects you studies in your senior years. If you are graduating from university/vocational education, it makes sense to includeContinue reading “Should I include my high-school education in my resume? By Matthew Coppola”

Why we feel nervous on the first day of a new job, by Matthew Coppola

Article by Matthew Coppola, Client Centric  Mention this article for a $AU10.00 discount off any package purchased by Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions – visit Yesterday I started my first day on the job at a job find company in Victoria. Although it was only an internal transfer for the same position with theContinue reading “Why we feel nervous on the first day of a new job, by Matthew Coppola”

Why you need to be passionate about your job to succeed, by Matthew Coppola

I have been working for an employment services organisation for over 7 months now, and just recently I was offered an internal transfer to another office within the company over in Melbourne. But to ensure that my transition is as smooth as possible, in the last week working at my previous office in Perth, I had another employeeContinue reading “Why you need to be passionate about your job to succeed, by Matthew Coppola”

Why do business development professionals struggle with administrative work?

Put me in the spotlight in front business professionals and I will flourish. Put me on the phone to a prospective client and I will organize a meeting with them. Put me in front of a client who wants to order 10 of your company’s product and I will persuade him to order twice asContinue reading “Why do business development professionals struggle with administrative work?”

What is Comprehensive Value Chain Analysis By Matthew Coppola

Comprehensive Value Chain Analysis Do what you do best. Leave the rest to others. What is involved in Value Chain Analysis? Your organisation will most likely engage in two types of business activities. Firstly are the activities that are purely intended to meet your customers’ demands and secondly, are those that although may not beContinue reading “What is Comprehensive Value Chain Analysis By Matthew Coppola”

What is Business Process Re-engineering? By Matthew Coppola

Business Process Re-engineering Talk is good. Action is better. Why should your organisation improve its business processes? Business Processes Re-engineering can deliver greater value to your company. Improvements to business processes will result in increased efficiency and effectiveness across the entire organisation from bottom up. Our skilled consultants will map out your firms’ processes andContinue reading “What is Business Process Re-engineering? By Matthew Coppola”

What is Change Management? By Matthew Coppola

What is change management and why is it of benefit to your organisation? Change management is a planned way of aligning people, organisations and processes from their current state to the ideal. Change is inevitable and must occur so organisations do not remain stagnant and continue pursuing the same activities all the time. Increasing competition,Continue reading “What is Change Management? By Matthew Coppola”

How to Effectively Change a Client’s Emotion, by Matthew Coppola

Emotion has on a large effect on a person’s behaviour and by learning how to identify the clients feeling will help you provide a suitable solution. By changing the client’s emotion you may be able to help the client see your solution more clearly without the emotion that controls their behaviour. E- Motion is contributed/createdContinue reading “How to Effectively Change a Client’s Emotion, by Matthew Coppola”

You can write an effective resume! By Matthew Coppola

A resume is your opportunity to present all of the facts that show you have the essential skills and experience for the job you wish to apply for. Writing an effective resume takes a while – you need to ensure that you have included all the correct information clearly written and laid out in yourContinue reading “You can write an effective resume! By Matthew Coppola”

I’m out of a job. What now by Matthew Coppola

Think about the following scenario. You’re sitting in the manager’s office and he tells you he has to let you go, giving you two weeks to find another job. Just like that. How do you think you would feel? For many of us, the possibility of losing our job can seem very disheartening, especially ifContinue reading “I’m out of a job. What now by Matthew Coppola”

How do I keep a job by Matthew Coppola

Tough economic times and volatility in the jobs market over the years has prompted many to feel insecure about their job and keeping it. Added to that, it is even more difficult for youths and lower skilled individuals to get and keep a job they are happy with. There is a saying that goes”there isContinue reading “How do I keep a job by Matthew Coppola”

Why It Pays To Be Honest In Sales By Matthew Coppola

To many business people, the belief is that honesty pays, but not enough. To survive in the cut throat world of business and sales, many feel that they need to lie or bend the truth to get anywhere in business.But is that the case? Does being deceitful, dishonest and untruthful in sales and business reallyContinue reading “Why It Pays To Be Honest In Sales By Matthew Coppola”

An Explanation Of Generation Y By Matthew Coppola

OMG. IM ROFLMAO ATM. BTW I G2G but ill BRB.If your not up with the lingo I just said Oh my goodness. Im Rollling over Laughing my ass off. I got to go but ill be right back. Today im going to be talking about the generation that talks like that.Known for their optimistic attitudes,Continue reading “An Explanation Of Generation Y By Matthew Coppola”

Does money make us more happier?

An assumption in Economics is that consumers prefer more, and that one’s utility can be increased through the consumption of more goods and services. In other words, the more money we have as individuals, the more satisfied we are with our life. But does greater income and consumption really translate into greater happiness? Three mainContinue reading “Does money make us more happier?”