Why a Professionally Written and Designed Resume and Cover Letter is Essential

It's important more than ever to stand out from other candidates vying for the same job. Which is why having your resume and cover letter professionally written will make a huge difference. This article by Matthew Coppola will discuss.

Should I send out my resume in a picture/non-editable version or in an editable document file? By Matthew Coppola

The benefit of sending out your resume in a┬áPortable Document Format (PDF format) is that it can be easily read on a mobile phone/table and does not require the user to have a particular word processing software to view and open the document. Also, by putting your resume in PDF format, it can help to…

Why it is beneficial to keep a list of your achievements at work, by Matthew Coppola

There may have been numerous occasions throughout your time working for a company where you have achieved something that you were quite proud of and which was highly valued by your employer. One achievement may be that you brought on a new major client or it may be a change in policy/procedure which you development…

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