How Many Different CVs Should Every Person Have?

As an experienced employment services professional, I get asked this question quite a lot. And for good reason. People want to know if their resume will be a one-fits-all when it comes to applying for jobs. Writing a great CV that’s properly tailored and thoroughly written takes time and effort. Some people pay for professionalContinue reading “How Many Different CVs Should Every Person Have?”

Should You Include a Photo in Your CV?

I suggest refraining from including a photo of yourself in your CV. Unless it’s something that’s requested of you as part of your job application and it’s absolutely essential for the role requirements, then include a photo of yourself. Related article: Should I include a photo of myself in my resume? Some jobs in fashion, modelling,Continue reading “Should You Include a Photo in Your CV?”

Why a Professionally Written and Designed Resume and Cover Letter is Essential

It’s important more than ever to stand out from other candidates vying for the same job. Which is why having your resume and cover letter professionally written will make a huge difference. This article by Matthew Coppola will discuss.

Sydney Resume Writing Services|Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions

Employment solutions that work. Established in 2010, Client Centric has become one of the leading boutique employment services firm in Australia. We deliver career and employment solutions for  jobseekers and employers throughout the employment lifecycle.  We offer a variety of employment and HR services for both jobseekers and employers. We specialise in writing professional andContinue reading “Sydney Resume Writing Services|Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions”