About employment services from Client Centric for Defence Force members and their partners, by Matthew Coppola

Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions offers a special tailored and expert service for members of the Australian Defence Force needing help transitioning into the civilian workforce and require a demilitarised resume and cover letter.

The range of tailored services that they offer to help individuals transition out of the army, navy or airforce include:

  • Professionally Written CV/Resume
  • Targeted Cover Letters
  • Interview Skills Coaching 
  • Revamped LinkedInTM profiles

​Their services are designed to market and promote an individual’s skills, experience and training gained from their time in service (as well as prior experiences before entering service) to a prospective employer in the civilian work force. 

Would you like a new and tailored resume and cover letter that helps to highlight the valuable skills and experience you have gained in your career to date? Would you like assistance addressing key selection criteria?

Link to the specific page on Client Centric’s website is: https://www.clientcentric.com.au/defence

Why not contact the team at Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions. They would be happy to help.



Job application assistance for ADF members and their partners offered by Client Centric Employment Solutions

For ADF members transitioning out from service into the civilian workforce, Client Centric can help highlight your transferable skills and relevant experience from your time in service, promoting this in your CV to help market your job application documents for the roles that you are interested in applying.

For partners of ADF members, Client Centric offers a range of professional services to help with obtaining work, especially during times when relocating and so new employment is sought out. The services that they provide include CV writing, targeted cover letters, individualised interview skills coaching as well as revamping LinkedInTM profiles to help with an online presence and be better noticed by recruiters and potential employers.


Are you a partner of an ADF member and would like assistance to find new employment when relocating for a post? 

 Have you recently left the Australian Defence Force and are now making a move into the civilian workforce?

 Client Centric is a leading Australian provider of high-quality professional services for job seekers and employers throughout Australia. They deliver comprehensive career and employment solutions that are personalised to suit.  

Their specialty is in providing a professional and tailored resume/CV writing service to promote and market their clients to prospective employers. They are also experts in writing high-quality responses to key selection criteria that have resulted in very successful outcomes. Plus, they are experts in providing personalised interview skills coaching.

Please feel free to visit their website: www.clientcentric.com.au/defence


Life after the defence – Dealing with unstructured days and flexibility in the workplace, by Matthew Coppola

A career in the military can be very structured and regimental. Not surprising then that it can be rather challenging for a former defence personnel member in handling the unstructured days and flexibility that present themselves at a workplace in a civilian setting. Not knowing what each day will bring and what will need to be done, and not having a proper structure for each day can be very hard to adjust to.

A good way of handling this challenge is to have a set structure that allows for the normal set day to day activities that won’t change, such as working Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm, as well as time set aside for any social activities and other extra-curricular activities or family time. In structuring your job, it’s a good idea to take note within the working week of all the standard and typical duties that you will be performing, and rather than setting those activities for particular times (ie. 3 – 5pm ‘Write up reports’) allow for a longer period of time, say the whole day and then list those activities/tasks which you can then cross off once completed.

This isn’t the most perfect way of structuring and unstructured day, but at least it helps to provide you with a measure of structure and orderliness to your day.

Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions is an Australian based business that assists with CV/Resume writing, addressing key selection criteria and covering letters to help you with give your best foot forward to an employer. Further information can be found at: https://www.clientcentric.com.au/defencetransition 

Please feel free to visit their website: www.clientcentric.com.au.


Making the move into the civilian workforce after service in the Defence, by Matthew Coppola

For many servicemen and servicewomen, coming out of the Defence force and into employment in a civilian setting can be a very daunting move, and for good reason.

There are many different types of duties and areas of responsibility that do not apply to a civilian job. Many former Defence service people may feel that a potential employer will not understand what skills they have, or how relevant and valuable their experience may be to an employer’s business or community organisation.

It is therefore up to the individual to make it clear to the employer what they can contribute with their transferable skills and experience coming out of the Army, Navy or Airforce.

Sure, there are many duties that a soldier may find irrelevant and not needed in the Australian labour market. But there are also many qualities and skills that prospective employers will find valuable in hiring a former soldier. These can include:

  • Excellent time management abilities – Being able to prioritise and stay organised, ready to handle any change in circumstances that may come their way.
  • Strong interpersonal skills – Being able to converse with just about anyone, even in the most distressing and difficult circumstances, especially when it comes to conflict resolution and negotiations.
  • Self-discipline and focus – Being able to correct oneself, stay focused on the task/s at hand and motivate oneself.
  • The ability to act and think with conciseness and focus – Even under the most stressful of situations.
  • Excellent team working skills – Soldiers are well known for their ‘camaraderie’ and supporting one another while out in the field.
  • Specific technical/artistic and/or professional expertise and skills – Many soldiers obtain a trade or a technical qualification that equip them with skills that they can use in the civilian workforce. These can include skills in carpentry, electrical, plumbing, administration, project management and so forth.

In the up and coming articles, I will talk more about the many ways that Defence personnel can make the transition out of the Defence force and into the civilian workforce with ease.

Stay tuned!

Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions is an Australian based business that assists with CV/Resume writing, addressing key selection criteria and covering letters to help you with give your best foot forward to an employer. Further information can be found at: https://www.clientcentric.com.au/defencetransition 

Please feel free to visit their website: www.clientcentric.com.au.