Getting A Job In 2021: A Career Expert’s Practical Guide

Would you like to secure work in 2021? After a turbulent year in 2020, many people have lost their jobs and so will be seeking work this year. If that is your case, I would like put forward a few suggestions that you make like to consider. This guide is by no means comprehensive. It's…

6 Challenges With Job Hunting: An Employment Consultant’s Viewpoint

This article discusses many of the common challenges that job seekers face today when job searching.

The recession of 2020? Top 5 ways you can prepare yourself now!

Okay, so there has been much talk circulating about an impending recession for 2020. Whatever the case may be, you may be wondering what you can do to prepare now. Here are 5 ways I believe can help an individual prepare for a recession in case they lose their job: Get your resume and cover…

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