South Australia: A Growing State With Great Potential For Development

At the time of writing this article (May 2020) according to the Government of South Australia on their site ‘Growth State – Our Plan for Prosperity’ there are around 9 growth sectors identified, each with specific strategies developed as part of a growth plan.

What I really like is that there is a plan attached to each major sector.

Applying for jobs in Adelaide, suggestions and tips by Matthew Coppola

South Australia is an incredible state with a rich and vibrant history, known for being an affordable state, with less traffic and easier commute to work.

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I think it’s important for any state throughout Australia to grow. Growth helps to boost employment, creating thousands of jobs which mean more opportunities for job seekers and professionals to expand their reach, push forward and better themself.

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Gainful work means much to all of us.

I personally believe it’s so important to love what you do, and to do all you can to professionally develop and grow in your knowledge and skill set.

From memory, I can recall my last visit as being memorable. I stayed in the Adelaide central business district, and visited the Adelaide hills region. I remember it was raining at the time, but what I loved was the greenery of the area. The air was fresh, you could smell the open fireplaces and how clean and crisp the environment was. A memory that I think I will certainly cherish for years to come. May even prompt me to go for another visit to Adelaide in the future.

Applying for jobs in Adelaide, suggestions and tips by Matthew Coppola

It’s commonly known now that the process of applying for a job can indeed be a challenging exercise for many. But, there are ways to make the process easier, especially for individuals seeking a job in Adelaide, South Australia.

Most jobs these days are advertised online, both on formal large job search sites as well as smaller community websites, social media and community boards.

It takes time and patience to apply for a job. Many employers can tell if a job application has been rushed.

Equipping yourself with a professionally written and tailored resume and cover letter can be a great way to get better noticed by a prospective employer in Adelaide.


Most jobs these days ask for individuals to submit a copy of their CV and cover letter. When it’s in front of the employer, it’s important to make an impression.

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