6 Challenges with Job Hunting

Today, job seekers all over the world face unprecedented levels of competition in the jobs market. Some areas more so than others. However, I have observed six challenges that job seekers commonly have to contend with.  1. Not being given feedback from an employer as to why their application was unsuccessful. I wish employers would … Continue reading 6 Challenges with Job Hunting

What makes a good resume? By Matthew Coppola

There are varying opinions that people will express about their view on what makes a good resume. The fundamentals are still there. A resume is a document which outlines the individual’s employment history, education details, references, qualities and competencies that they feel they have gained over the course of their working life or time during … Continue reading What makes a good resume? By Matthew Coppola

What is the hidden job market and is it out of reach?

Matthew explains the hidden job market and ways you can find potential jobs from networking and approaching business directly in your field.

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