Melbourne Resume Writing Services

on’t risk having your CV thrown into the rubbish bin because it failed to impress. We will write and design you a professionally written resume and cover letter that will make you stand out with an eye catching design and punchy content!

The work that we do in designing, structuring and re-writing for immediate impact will ensure the recruitment consultant and hiring manager continues to read more.

Assistance for clients in Melbourne with applying for jobs.

Why do business development professionals struggle with administrative work?

Put me in the spotlight in front business professionals and I will flourish. Put me on the phone to a prospective client and I will organize a meeting with them. Put me in front of a client who wants to order 10 of your company’s product and I will persuade him to order twice as …

What is Comprehensive Value Chain Analysis By Matthew Coppola

Comprehensive Value Chain Analysis Do what you do best. Leave the rest to others. What is involved in Value Chain Analysis? Your organisation will most likely engage in two types of business activities. Firstly are the activities that are purely intended to meet your customers’ demands and secondly, are those that although may not be …

What is Business Process Re-engineering? By Matthew Coppola

Business Process Re-engineering Talk is good. Action is better. Why should your organisation improve its business processes? Business Processes Re-engineering can deliver greater value to your company. Improvements to business processes will result in increased efficiency and effectiveness across the entire organisation from bottom up. Our skilled consultants will map out your firms’ processes and …