Should I attach a cover letter with my resume? By Matthew Coppola

Most job applications these days request for a cover letter as part of your application. It is almost now the appropriate thing to do when applying. The resume outlines the candidate’s skills and experience; then the cover letter takes the next step further to be tailored and directed towards a particular position. It’s a way for the candidate to approach the employer and explain why they want the job and what they can bring specifically to that role.

However, in saying that, some recruiters and a few employers may feel that a cover letter involves too much reading and because they are too busy and have too many applications to read through, so they scan through the resume and look for keywords.

Now that may be true. But without surveying hundreds if not thousands of employers and recruiters, at this stage, it is only a generalisation.

A cover letter nicely complements the resume because the resume may not be tailored for a particular company and what they specifically require from a candidate. Every company and organisation is going to be different.  Their needs and requirements although similar for a role will still vary.

So given this, a cover letter is still suggested to be attached as part of an application.


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Is there any need to include colours in my resume? By Matthew Coppola

Colours can be an expression of creativity and certainly for a creative type resume, making use of colours and imagery of the individual’s work may actually help with their application – but it is more about showcasing their work. So, then, do colours really make a difference?

Personally, I don’t think so.

The question we want to ask ourselves, is an employer really going to choose one resume over the other because they liked the candidate’s use of the colour blue?

Again, personally, I don’t think so.

The use of black and white colours helps to make the resume look more professional and easy to read. Colours can be a distraction from what is actually written.


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Should I put my referee’s contact details on my resume or not?

Recently I was asked by a client what is best practice,when it comes to putting the contact details of their referees, on their resume. Some argue that if you do include their phone number, the prospective employer may call them without you knowing and catch the referee person off guard. Some feel that it might cause “bad feelings” and put off the referee from ever in the future providing advice. Well it really is a personal preference but when I write resumes for my clients, I do include the contact details and phone numbers but have an asterix (*) after the referees which says:

*Please advise me first before making contact.

From past experience in communication with employers, I feel that it can be annoying for them if they have to ask you for the contact number, then the time that takes can be consuming, especially if you don’t have their contact details on hand right away. So by having the details and that asterix, it allows the employer to make that quick confirmation call, allows you to quickly advise your referees and the reference call is made as soon as possible!

I have a video on-line entitled: “Should I have referees available upon request” and this can be viewed by clicking here

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What Makes a Good Resume Stand Out?

Time and time again I have clients asking me that they apply for so many jobs but they never hear back from an employer. Some have even applied for jobs to only minutes later receive an email saying that their application has been unsuccessful. They then ask themselves “Did the employer even bother looking at my resume??” The unfortunate explanation is no they did not fully consider your resume because they would have been inundated with hundreds if not thousands of resumes put forward for the job but your resume did not make the cut.

So then what makes a good resume stand out from the rest? Well firstly it needs to captivate the audience. Your name should be large and the focal point at the top of your resume. Then underneath that should be a good summary about you and what you have to offer to an employer. This is the part where you sell yourself. That’s resume, writing a resume and applying for a job is a selling game. You are the product. You also are the salesman.

A good salesman knows his products. He knows the ins and outs. He is prepared for whatever question comes his way and ready for any form of criticism. He believes in product is firm in the belief that his product is one of the best.

So there is your answer. A good resume is one that sells you to the employer. That’s what will make you stand out from the rest because most people simply do not know how to sell themselves and that is where the people who get the jobs succeed in life. They know how to sell themselves.


Author: Matthew Coppola,  Client Centric.

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