New South Wales: Finding Work, Securing Employment And Getting Ahead In Sydney

Sydney, one of the largest cities in Australia, is known for the diverse range of industries that employ many thousands of people. Industries such as manufacturing, finance, education and distribution. 

According to the City of Sydney, the city is recognised for leading a knowledge-based economy in the country.

Employment, like in any major city, depends on many factors.

When there are more jobs and fewer candidates applying for work, there may be less competition as opposed to when there are fewer jobs and more people seeking employment.

It’s imperative to stand out in a crowded jobs market and make an impression.

Coping with a challenging jobs market in Sydney: What you need to know!

You can do this by enlisting the help of the experts. That is, by utilising the services of a professional business which deals with the writing of resumes, cover letters and responses to key selection criteria.

Why we should never worry about candidates vying for the same job, by Matthew Coppola

Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions is one such business that provides these services and they do it very well.

Specifically, they provide a professional resume and cover letter writing service for clients in Sydney, as well as assistance for clients in Sydney who need help addressing key selection criteria for positions in Government, community services, education and health care.

And, once you have secured an interview, these guys can even help you make a greater impression and improve your confidence during the interview process with one-on-one interview coaching for clients in Sydney.

Remember, sure it may be tough out there. But as I have always said in the past, it’s important to not lose focus. Remain positive, upbeat and confident that the right job will come along.



How can I apply for work in Sydney, Australia? By Matthew Coppola

The jobs market in Sydney can certainly be fairly competitive, depending on the industry you are seeking employment in. But, if someone was searching for work in Sydney, how can they best apply for work?

Online job sites in Australia such as and are wonderful sites to use, straight forward, clear and easy to apply for the right job.

Other ways that you can apply for work is by cold calling prospective businesses and recruitment agencies to send through a copy of your resume to see if there are any suitable roles available or if they could keep your CV on file for any future vacancies.

Other approaches include signing up to recruitment agencies for any permanent or temporary vacancies.

But, most importantly, the best tool that you can have in your job search tool kit is a professionally written and tailored CV and cover letter that will help market and promote you to a prospective employer.

Client Centric is an Australian provider of high-quality professional services for job seekers and employers. They deliver comprehensive career and employment solutions that are personalised to suit, designed to market and promote the skills and experience their clients have to offer.


Why not have your resume professionally written by the experts? The team at Client Centric are happy to help their clients apply for jobs in Sydney by equipping them a with a tailored, customised and personalised CV and cover letter.

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