Tips For Job Seekers And Graduates

  1. “You only have a few minutes to grab the employer’s attention. You want to make that time count and ensure that they continue reading on”*
  2.  “The CV is the best tool that you have to securing an interview. Which is why it makes it so important to have a CV that really sells and markets your full skills”*
  3. “You have the vision. You have the drive. Now it’s time to put your newfound skills to work for you”*
  4. “Graduates really need to highlight to employers what they have to offer, what they learnt, understand, their strengths and the value that they can contribute with their existing skills, not what they are going to learn”*
  5. “The CV is the best tool that a graduate has to securing an interview. Which is why it makes it so important to have a CV that really sells and markets their full skills and abilities”*
  6. “A CV for a graduate needs to focus and highlight the skills gained from their studies as well as the transferrable skills from past employment”*
  7. “The CV is the best tool that a graduate has to securing an interview. It is vital to a have a CV that really sells and markets their newfound skills and capabilities”*
  8. “Competition for graduate jobs is tough. How important it is then the have a CV that captures the employer’s attention”*
  9. “It is so important to do your research, learn about the company, visualise yourelf performing the responsibilities of the job and really think about what it is that you can contribute to the role*
  10. “Focus on your honest strengths and highlight your transferrable skills and abilities gained from your past employment however unrelated it may be to the job you are going for”*
  11. You have the energy. You have the passion and committment. Now it’s time to put your newfound skills to work for you and help you stand out”*
  12.  “Simply having a degree is not always enough to encourage the employer to want to interview you. You need to also prove that you understand what you learnt and that you can perform the role successfully”*
  13. “The CV is the best tool that a graduate has to securing an interview. “*
  14. “Find out what is happening in the industry that your potential employer is in and take an interest in their company and new developments in the industry”*
  15. “Learn about the company. Understand the role and what you would be doing. Think of the value you can bring and why you really want the position”*
  16. “It is so important to have a CV that really sells and markets your full skills and abilities and shows the employer that you can perform the role”*
  17. There is nothing more appealing to an employer than a job candidate that actually takes an interest in the job, the prospective employer, the industry and in actually trying to show that they understand the role and what they can do for the company.” *
  18. “Focus on what you did best in your studies and what you really learnt and how you can apply it to the position and contribute value for the employer”*
  19. “Focus not just on the qualification itself, but also the skills that you learnt from the individual units or learning modules”*
  20. “The CV is the best tool that a graduate has to securing an interview. Which is why it makes it so important to complement it with a covering letter that addresses what makes a suitable candidate for the position”*
  21. “Too often graduates rely on having just the qualification written on paper to securing a graduate job. It is more than that. The employer wants to see what you can do for them and how successfully you can perform the role”*
  22. “If you want an employer to take an interest in you. Take an interest in them and the job they are potentially hiring your for”*
  23. “A tailored CV is 50% there. The next 50% is a tailored covering letter”*
  24. “2 – 3 paragraphs with a proper introduction, body and conclusion. Don’t waffle and most importantly, make sure the response flows”*
  25. “Be specific and straight to the point, answer the question and most importantly tie it back to your experience and even better, a past example.”*
  26. A LinkedIn profile provides an employer with a more detailed understanding about your professional endeavors and interests in the industry and your role”*
  27. “A complementing LinkedIn profile to your resume is a great way to establish a professional reputation in the industry and network with likeminded professionals and recruiters” *
  28. Think of all the activities, jobs and projects you’ve been part of, and you’ll quickly realise how much of that experience is valuable to the workplace.

Published by Matthew Coppola - Career Coach, Employment Specialist and Professional CV Writer

Holding a graduate degree in Commerce, majoring in Economics at Curtin University, as well as a post graduate certificate in Career Education and Development at RMIT University, Matthew brings with him many years of experience working in the fields of business development, marketing, soft-skills training and employment services industry. He has gained significant exposure in working with employers in sourcing staff as well as assisting jobseekers in promoting and marketing themselves to employers and securing sustainable employment outcomes. He is currently working in Disability Employment Services where he assists clients with mental health disabilities in finding and keeping satisfying and gainful employment and helping them overcome and work around barriers to employment. He has helped many job seekers secure employment by training and coaching them in the art of being interviewed and giving the interviewer a positive and lasting impression. He knows how to sell and market a job seeker to an employer and he imparts this knowledge to his clients in helping them sell and market themselves in an interview. Matthew regularly writes new articles on a variety of employment related topics and posts these to his personal website blog

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