Why every job you apply for should have a personalized cover letter

Every job you apply for whether it be online, in the paper, internally with the company you work for or by networking, needs a personalized cover letter specific to that company and the objectives of the role. Too many times people apply for numerous jobs with the same resume and the same cover letter and they wonder why they are not getting any interviews! And if they are getting interviews, they why are they not getting the job?!

The simple reason is that when a company puts a job advertisement out and has a selection criteria attached to it, they are doing that for a reason. Now the same applies in the western world as it does in Melbourne, Perth or Adelaide – all the employers are the same! They are not doing it because they are a charity, they specifically put a job out because they are willing to invest in someone to perform a specific duty or set of duties and want someone who will meet their expectations and perform. Added to that they also want someone that will fit in with their team culture and has done similar work in the past – again keyword – “experience required”.

Every job you apply for must have a personalised cover letter – personalised in the way that it addresses what they are looking for, in the subject line is the job, has the contact name and company name and is dated accordingly. It shows that you took the time and effort to address what they want and took an interest in them and the job!


Author: Matthew Coppola

Matthew Coppola – Employment Advisor

BComm(Econs), GradCert (CE&D)

Matthew Coppola has more than 6 years’ experience in the recruitment, staffing and training industries with a focus on employment services, specifically Job Services Australia and Disability Employment Services.  He has experience in business development, marketing, sales and training.

His expertise can be found in the Community Services & Non-Profit and the Education & Training sectors. 

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